Cyber Business Production Protection (CBPP)

Breakthrough, innovative coverage addressing an emergent need.

Bringing new coverages to the market is our first priority. In turn, our clients will benefit from the potential gaps they currently face.

Our first offering, Cyber Business Production Protection (or CBPP), provides the cost-effective answer to expand 1st and 3rd party business income coverage typically found in a property policy, including cyber-caused losses.

Cyber Specialty products are backed by Lloyd's of London, offering our clients A-rated paper accompanied by A-rated solutions.  

How your organization benefits with CBPP.

CBPP – Cyber Business Production Protection – is true business interruption coverage designed for material interruption of an insured’s business as the result of a cyber event (as opposed to the “bolt on” security and privacy 1st party coverage and non-dedicated limit). 

Moreover, your organization benefits from the design behind CBPP:

  • Significant limits available
  • Compatible with physical damage cyber losses, which are covered by property policies
  • Triggered by a security failure of a computer system, both broadly defined
  • The insured does not have to be the target of a malicious act (can  be collateral damage)
  • Extra expense coverage to help avoid or mitigate loss
  • Contingent business interruption available, subject to individual supplier or customer underwriting
  • Contract certainty imparts peace of mind for your organization

With the never-ending threats of cyber incidents – and their continuing effect on businesses and commerce everywhere – Cyber Business Production Protection offers your organization much-needed coverage.